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Writers Love: Special Things about Falling for a Writer

by Suman Gupta

A writer makes you imagine, lost, and drown in their ocean of creation. Their soul is a wanderer. They think deeply, they feel deeply and that’s the reason when they fall in love, they love extremely. That is how writers love is.

Hence, if you are in love with a writer, you are blessed with these things

*Freshness of love is till infinity:

The freshness of love never dies in them. You might be at your 30s or 40s they are unstoppable in expressing what they feel for you. Sometimes reading what they penned will make you think just like you fell in love yesterday.

*Strong believer of optimism:

They are a strong believer of optimism, they can bring good at worst. The way they look at things and life will surely give you positive vibes anytime.

*You will get a forever entertainer:

No doubt they are the best entertainer. Whether you are at rest or busy they are always up with something new. They read a lot so they can narrate you any story, any incident anytime.

*A free advisor: Writers Love

No one can be a better thinker than a writer. They imagine, they think before they do. It may be minor or major problems their imagination and thinking power will always give you solutions.

*Your personality will be glorified by them:

If you are special to them no doubt you will be beautified and explored with their words. They can find the best in you and can picture you with words. It might be your birthday or any occasion whenever they post about you, you will feel special.

*A magical Lover:

The love of a writer is magical. Without chocolates and gifts, they have the power to make you blush and shine. The way they express love is the best gift one can receive.

*If you are special, you are an immortal subject to write:

The most important thing about writers love is you may leave on time but you stay eternally in their pages. They might remain silent but their words speak every unsaid and untold truth.

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