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What is a Microtale?

by Suman Gupta
What is a Microtale?

What is a Microtale?

Microtale is such a genre of writing where big things are explained in just few words. Here we don’t elaborate but we find deep message and meaning in just few words. It can be understood as the art of concealing immense feelings and messages in a significantly lesser number of words.

Why Microtales are more loved?

A microtale is always interesting to read, easy to share and dedicate to your loved ones. It holds deep truth and meaning inside, which is a surprise for the readers.
If you are looking for some cute romantic microtale to dedicate to your loved one then,

Here it is:

He coooked her favourite food.
Served and feed her by her own hand.
And then touch her belly to feel the presence of the little one inside.
Is not it more romantic than a candlelight dinner date?

Such a lovely couple, seems it’s a love marriage, all these luxurious decorations is nothing infront of their illuminating smile, what is the reason?
Understanding parents, replied a man from behind.

She: Baby, just make a promise you will never allow
any other girl interrupt our relation.
He: Sorry I can’t ,
This made her distressed
He: just after nine months of our marriage I want a cute carbon copy of yours.

Even his family had left him, because of his bad habits, don’t marry him, her family said.
Let us change him,her heart wished and said.


Loved it? Could you grasp the feel? Did it remind you of your own love? Want to read more of such Microtales? Here are five more such microtales that will take your breath away and give you immense pleasure.

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