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Vivah Movie Review: Cast, Facts, Songs and More

by Suman Gupta
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Vivah Movie Review

Directed By : Sooraj R. Barjatya
Story By : Sooraj R. Barjatya
In Theaters : November 10, 2006
Budget : ₹80 million
Box Office : ₹539 million


  1. Shahid Kapoor as Prem Bajpayee
  2. Amrita Rao as Poonam Bajpayee (Mishra)
  3. Anupam Kher as Harishchandra Bajpayee
  4. Alok Nath as Krishnakant Mishra
  5. Seema Biswas as Rama Mishra
  6. Samir Soni as Sunil Bajpayee
  7. Lata Sabharwal as Bhavna Bajpayee
  8. Manoj Joshi as Bhagatji
  9. Amrita Prakash as Rajni Mishra, Poonam’s sister
  10. Ameya Pandya as Rahul Bajpayee
  11. Dinesh Lamba as Munim Ji
  12. Mohnish Bahl as Dr. Rashid Khan

Story of Vivah Movie

Sooraj Barjatya is the director of the all-time favorites of Bollywood, ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya and ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’. Alike his other movies, his fourth movie ‘Vivah’ too gained huge popularity and love from the viewers. Vivah movie is all about familial love, relationship, and bondings. Moreover, it’s a movie that lacks proper story but what made this movie splendid is its desi taste and melodious songs. The emotions and the reality poured in the movie is what made it unique and most loved.

The cool Bollywood boy Shahid Kappor is too perfect in the role of a simple decent man. He thinks he is too young to get marry though he agrees to meet Poonam(Amrita Rao) who is his dad’s choice. Poonam is such a girl, every boy dreams of and other people wish to have as a daughter or daughter-in-law. A girl with simplicity and values. In other words, we can say ‘Vivah’ is the journey of a couple from engagement to marriage.

In addition, we can say this movie shows the real and perfect beauty of arranging marriages and Indian culture. Above all, this movie will take you back to those beautiful moments of your life even you are married decades ago.

Shahid and Amrita’s Chemistry

The chemistry between Shahid Kapoor as Prem and Amrita Rao as Poonam is just flawless and superb. Therefore, people love this onscreen couple more than Shahid with his real-life partner. ‘Vivah Movie‘ shows sacrifices of love, bonding of togetherness, respect for elders, and most importantly, the beauty of a joint family. That is to say, fourteen years of the movie though it is cherished to date.

Happy Ending

The ending of the movie is just unexpected as well as surprising. Subsequently, one day before the marriage a major accidental fire caught in Poonam’s house. Therefore, Poonam plunges into the fire in order to save her Sister Rajni (Amrita Prakash), and major parts of her body get burned. When Prem( Shahid Kapoor) and his family knew about this accident they were shattered. However, Prem and his family showed much moral support to Poonam.

Meanwhile, they decide that Poonam and Prem will get marry on the same date and in the hospital. That is to say, the ending of ‘Vivah’ is much emotional and beautiful to watch. You will be touched with a scene when the nurses of the hospitals call her nayi dulhan( new bride) instead of the patient. Moreover, we can say the ending of Vivah is quite realistic as well as it gives us a lesson to learn. Marrying a girl whose body is 70% burnt is something a generous boy can only do. In addition, we can say the ending teaches us how to be responsible in a relationship.

Likewise, the other movies of Sooraj Barjatya like Maine Pyaar Kiya, Hum Sath Sath Hain, Hoon Vivah too depict a simple story in a beautiful way.

Some Unknown/Interesting Facts about Vivah Movie:

Firstly, we can say, Sooraj Barjatya is such a filmmaker who always makes movies on something he strongly believes. It may be Hum Sath Sath Hai or Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, in his every movie we will find desi flavor and values of relationship. There is a good bond of friendship between Sooraj Barjatya and Salmaan Khan. Out of his 5 movies, 4 of his movies is with Salmaan Khan.

Secondly, when we talk about the direction of Vivah, very few know that the story was inspired by the real incident. That is to say, Sooraj Barjatya read in a newspaper article where just one day before the marriage fire caught in the bride’s home. Meanwhile, he decided to put the same plot in his movie. He was confused about where to put this accident, in the beginning, or at the end. Finally, he could decide that it should be at the end.

Thirdly, Salmaan Khan once asked Sooraj Barjatya that why he didn’t cast him in ‘Vivah’ as most of his movies he has done with Salmaan.To clarify, Sooraj Barjatya said that he would not fit into the character of Prem as the character was too young. However, in 2015 Sooraj Barjatya came up with another influential movie ‘Prem Ratan Dhan ‘Payo where he cast Salmaan Khan.

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Fourthly, while writing the ending of the movie everyone suggested Sooraj Barjatya to write a happy one. However, the director wants to show the actual reality. That is to say, the movie doesn’t show suddenly everything gone well and the couples united. It showed what actually happens when a person’s body gets burned. For instance, the movies end while Prem(Shahid Kapoor) dressings the wounds of Poonam(Amrita Rao) on their first night.

Fifthly, the famous painter M.F. Hussain after being quite inspired by Amrita Rao and the movie made a series of paintings. Moreover, those paintings were shown in the movie which is quite inspiring. M.F.Hussain didn’t charge a single for those paintings.

Sixthly, Vivah is the first Bollywood movie that was also released online on the official website of the company. As a result, the movies were much loved by the viewers. It continued in the theatre for twenty-five weeks.


Vivah Movie has an IMDB rating of 6.6 to date. Both the actors, Shahid and Amrita got Best Actor and Best Actress nominations for Filmfare Awards for this movie. The critics gave it 7.5 out of 10 ratings. Some called it an interesting movie and a highly emotional one. While some critics called it a slow and boring movie in the Suraj Barjatya world.

Vivah Movie Online Watch

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