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Teachers during pandemic : poem on teachers

by Suman Gupta

The year 2020 bought a drastic change in the education system. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic , all the schools are closed since March 2020. However, what was challenging to see is the overnight transformation of Teachers during Pandemic. Amidst the chaos by the pandemic learning could not stop.Here is a thanking note and a poem to appreciate the special teachers of 2020.

An open to all the teachers of 2020 who are teaching relentlessly

Dear teachers,

You did what you never thought or felt of doing before March 2020, you proved you are revolutionary, instead of blackboard today from screen knowledge is flowing , today your perpetual efforts has kept us going.I realized those buildings are not a school, if there is no you.The facilities of school are nothing, as today only your hard work has kept us going.You bought learning at the ease of home.Yes I know technology is boon for us but for me this boon is less than you, as the spelling and meaning of technology is taught by you. 2020 changed me a lot, I learnt more from your efforts than from the books. Classrooms are empty, the blackboards are null, the real school is your mind and heart, words are less to describe how much respected you are.

A learner who learnt as well as inspired
This poem is a tribute to all the educators, the poet here wants to convey the message that teachers are no less than parents.There efforts and dedication must be remembered throughout the life.
Beyond The Book

Though I am blessed to have a wonderful parents,

But the meaning of parents is taught by you.

Today I dedicate my deeds to my inspiration,

But proudly I say the source of my inspiration were you.

I nurtured the knowledge you gave me,

You have introduced the the world to me.

I wished to grow, I dreamt to shine,

What taught me to dream is your beautiful mind.

I feel no difference between these two,

My birth givers and the giver of knowledge, who is you.

I can’t call you just a teacher, your dedication is beyond the book.

Your knowledge and wisdom gave me a positive vision to look,

Our this bond is, beyond the book.

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