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Instant of Rain – A poem about pain

by Atul Rai

This poem on pain is a feeling expressed in words. The writer could have written it while facing a heart break. Or he could have written it after bidding final bye to someone he loved.

Here the writer expects every reader to interpret the words as per their situation. Is this really a poem on pain? It is an attempt to paint a rough picture of a moment in life. Read it and try to find out your meaning of the words and let us know in comments.

Inside the shades,

Sheltered from the rain,

Deep down the blue,

Eyes were stuck with, like glue.

I was feeling the drops,

Was drenching the inner guts.

Standing right there but nowhere.

Eyes still as pale as always,

Smile yet as intact as always…

In those moments of sorrow,

Even in that agony,

To step out was the feel.

Just to let out the emotions,

To shed out all that pain.

Desire to let them flow out without being noticed,

To cry out loud, but I am not a saint..!

From the writer of above poem on pain:

This poem is of the time when I was bidding my final bye to something I adored. Something I always wanted for myself. Craved for it. It was more like a lifetime dream coming true. But I failed at it. Did I succumb to my situation? Did I give up? Was it ever an option? Not for me. It never is.

I open a game here. You might face many different feelings and situations while reading this. Lets see who gets the closest to any other reader or to me?

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Thanks Kuldeep. Stay tuned for the best content on love..!


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