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How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

by Atul Rai

Do long Distance Relationship work? Is there any way to save a long-distance relationship? How to make it work between you and your partner when you are living apart? Do Long Distance Relationship work? Are you having such questions?

These question often strikes in our mind. However, different people have different opinions about it. The more you understand about Long Distance Relationship the more you start believing that it actually works. Yes, Long Distance Relationship works. It just needs some amount of patience, trust, and stability to handle each other. We have often seen many such couples who have proved them the best though staying miles apart. Therefore, we must learn and understand what actually makes this relationship work. Thus, here are 5 things you must know to understand Long Distance Relationship.

1) Knowing your partner is more important than going for dates.

We often think relationships are all about spending time, going out for dates, movies, etc. However, sometimes we fail to understand that knowing our partner is more important than spending time on worldly things. For instance, it’s alright if you don’t date, it’s alright if you don’t go to movies. What is more important is to talk to each other, to understand their heart, to know about their likes and dislikes. After all, the one who is going to stay with your lifelong is your partner.

2) Never be insecure.

Never feel insecure about being distanced. For instance, you might get upset when you see other couples roaming around. Therefore, your insecurity to your relation might make the other one feel uncomfortable. Make your partner believe that you are emotionally and mentally together and you will soon be physically together too. Tell them few magical words i.e. We are one’, ‘I love you in any’ condition, ‘It’s ok if you are not physically present, you are always present in my heart, mind and my deepest desires’.

3) Give them your time as your first priority.

In a Long Distance Relationship, you don’t meet, you can’t see how they present themselves physically. Hence, what has made you stay connected is your communication with them. Call them without any reason. Ask for pictures at least make a video call once in a couple of days. Never forget to say Good morning’ or ‘Good night’. It’s only your words that will make them delighted. Share some romantic music, quotes, dedication lines to make them feel special.

4) At least once a year be physically together:

Staying in Long Distance Relationship is actually cute. Every such relation is an inspiration in itself. Waiting and patience are actually what defined this relation. Therefore, if someone loves you deeply they can wait for you to an extent. However, you should never try to go their patience in vain. In the same vein try to meet at least once a year. Plan your future together, make a year worth the wait.

5) Share beautiful words with them:

Words play a beautiful role in long-distance relationships. Make sure you never hurt them by your harsh words. Write a long paragraph, dedicate songs, appreciate them for whatever little or more talent they have. Write and send them your feelings and how lucky you are to have them. All these will make the bond of your relationship stronger.

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