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Friendship Quotes & Captions for best friends

by Suman Gupta

A best friend is someone who just adds a sweet flavor to our boring life. The first person always to share happiness and also the first person whose shoulder we need to cry on. You are richer than anything when you have the same friend in every stage of life. Friendship is the only relation on this earth which is never bounded by blood relations, caste, physical appearance, or anything.

For instance, you can find a true friend at any age, any place, and anytime. The most important and beautiful thing about friendship is knowing each other, sharing the moments and cherishing the memories lifelong.

Our writers Atul Rai and Suman Gupta feel more than blessed to have shared this bond with Ashish Gupta for more than years and counting. Here we present you some authentic and beautiful friendship quotes penned down by our writers, to cherish and celebrate this ultimate bond.

True Friendship Quotes

  1. Different mood swings, lots of tensions but just one call from my best friend make me fine.
  2. Together we could not be handled as siblings so we were born in different homes and turned into best friends.
  3. True friendship is all about acceptance of present as well as past.
  4. A true friend refreshes your soul and a wise friend awakens your mind.
  5. A best friend is someone whom we don’t adore with words but with feelings.
  6. A friend might leave but a loyal friend never leaves no matter how your situation is.
  7. The truest friendship is something where you don’t check time to call or message them.
  8. Just one loyal and supportive friend is enough to make life easy going.
  9. I can’t hide my feelings with my best friend because this stupid has the habit of reading my eyes.
  10. Without friends, life is just like a cup of sugarless tea.
  11. When life becomes complicated a deep conversation with the right friend can make our mental health normal.
  12. The older the friendship, the deeper the conversation.

Crazy/Funny Friendship Quotes

Undoubtedly, when craziness is added to friendship, you get a second family. For instance, when you have crazy friends you will enjoy every little moment of your life. And the best part is you share, you laugh and you live your life to the fullest. Here are some amazing quotes reflecting the craziness of friendship.

  1. I have the right to snatch the chocolate from your hand as you are my best friend.
  2. Sorry, I can’t respect you but I love you without any reason.
  3. Best friends are necessary because we need someone to talk nonsense.
  4. You insult them and they smile that’s called true friendship.
  5. Dear best friend, I want you to be silent on the day of my wedding, as I don’t want my groom to run out of the marriage hall.
  6. A group of friends with the same mental disorder is what you need to laugh the whole day.
  7. Once I saw a monkey walking and jumping at random, sooner I started missing my best friend.
  8. Wasting time with best friends can sometimes turn into priceless moments.
  9. Spending time with the old crazy friends and a bottle of wine is somehow similar to heaven.
  10. The teacher asked me, what is stupidity and I started looking at my best friend.
  11. So many things to eat but I prefer my best friend’s brain.
  12. Sharing memes, vulgar chats and insulting each other is what made our friendship unbreakable.

Captions for Best Friends

We often want to post some pictures with our friends. Mostly, we wonder what a perfect caption can be. Undoubtedly, if you insult your friends, better do it in Hindi. As it hits the most. So here are some of the most appt and suitable captions for posting images with your best friends. These captions for friends can be used to praise, insult, tease, and make your posts memorable.

    1. Dost nahi, tu beta hai mera.
      दोस्त नहीं, तू बेटा है मेरा.
    2. Meri jaan, sahi to dikhta hai tu.
      मेरी जान, सही तो दीखता है तू.
    3. A single soul, two bodies. Budding together.
      एक आत्मा, दो शरीर। एक साथ खिल रहे हैं।
    4. Wanna slap you without any reason.
      बिना किसी कारण के तुझे थप्पड़ मरना चाहता हूँ।
    5. Perfect pic. You look human in this my pet.
      बिल्कुल सही तस्वीर। मेरे पालतू जानवर इसमें आदमी दिख रहा है तू।
    6. I wanted the caption to describe you, so……… NULL.
      मैं चाहता था कैप्शन तुझे सूट करे, so……… नल्ले।
    7. I wanted to go to the zoo, so I called him over.
      मैं चिड़ियाघर जाना चाहता था, इसलिए मैंने इसे बुला लिया।

Best Friendship Quotes to say Thanks

Many times we want to thank our friends formally. Either for the respect of the bond or due to their overwhelming helping and caring nature. Unquestionably, in such situations, some selected famous quotes can help you express it clearly. Not only that but it also makes them feel privileged and positive. Here are some of the best friendship quotes from the web that can help you in such situations.

    1. Walter Winchell: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Thanks for holding by my side.
    2. David Tyson: True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable. Blessed to have you, bro/sis.
    3. Thomas J. Watson: Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up. Thanks for always keeping me motivated.
    4. A best friend is someone who understands the silence behind your words and the pain behind your smiles. Thanks for being there!
    5. Socrates: Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant. I didn’t know you follow Socrates. Thanks anyway 🙂

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