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Dil Bechara : 5 life lessons to learn from the movie

by Suman Gupta
Dil Bechara Movie: Sushant’s Last Release, Story and Facts

Dil Bechara Movie: Sushant’s Last Release, Story and Facts

5 life lessons we learn from Dil Bechara :

Sushant’s last movie Dil Bechara released on 24 July on Disney+hotstar. It was tough for his fans to believe that there will be no movies of Sushant further. Everyone is sharing their emotional reviews and touching notes in related to his memory. However, it was tough watching him for the last time but his smile and appearance was something for which our smile and tears went parallel. The plot celebrates love, friendship and most importantly life. Moreover, the ending of the movie is inevitable, it left us teary eyed. The heartbreaking scenes will surely make you cry. Lastly, we could say Dil Bechara will be remembered for its effectual life lessons on life and love. Here are 5 life lessons we learn from Dil Bechara.

Life is unpredictable : –

The story of Dil Bechara revolves on what we wish to what we get. The movie neither shows heroic deeds nor superiority of love. The characters loved and lived till their last breath.. Kizie ( Sanjana Sanghi) stays with the memories of her loved one. However, Manny ( Sushant Singh Rajput) passes away like a breeze of wind.It shows life is really unpredictable.

One person can give you a thousand reasons to smile : –

Kizie Basu, a girl fighting with the deadly disease cancer is a girl with lots of dreams and passion. But what has surrounded her life is doctors, medicines and her oxygen cylinder which she has to carry twenty-four hours a day. Kizzie thinks her life boring and meaningless. However, one day she met Manny, a figure of fun, sweetness and laughter. Both became friends. Subsequently, their friendship turned into love. They get hope to live, reasons to smile and accompany each other to chase their dreams. It was much beautiful to see two fighting souls learnt to live for each other.

Life is blissful when you find best friends in parents : –

In the movie Kizie’s parents are the best example of a friend, philosopher and guide. Moreover, Kizie’s mom supports her in every aspect, also she went to Paris just to make her daughter happy. It just shows life become blissful when you find a best friend in your parents.

Follow your dreams : –

In the movie Kizie ( Sanjana Sanghi) is a die hard fan of a singer named Abhimanyu Veer. She wants to meet him anyhow once in her life. On the other hand Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput) dreams to make a film inspired by his favourite actor Rajinikant. Kizie fulfills her dream by meeting her favourite singer, whereas Manny too completes his movie. However, at the end Manny loses his battle with the deadly disease Osteosarcoma, he closes his eyes forever.Manny taught us to laugh, to live the moments of life till we can.

Live in the present : –

Most of the people live either with the painful memories of past or with the fears of future. However, the most beautiful thing about life life is living in the present. Kizie and Manny knows well that there is no future for them. Moreover, their life can turn over anytime, still they lived their present moment and made their life a beautiful dream.After Manny died Kizie was left with all the memories she once lived with her love.

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