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Avengers Endgame in Hindi: Movie, Cast & Facts

by Atul Rai

The Marvel Movies have always had a great viewership and hipe in India. Avengers Endgame is no exception to this. This movie was one of the most-watched in 2019. The movie Avengers Endgame in Hindi was highly adored by the viewers. But as most of us have faced issues where we can watch this movie, or where can we get the details about the movie. So here are some of the amazing facts about the movie Avengers Endgame and its collections.

Avengers Endgame Facts

  • Directed By: Anthony RussoJoe Russo
  • Produced By: Kevin Feige
  • Release Date: April 26, 2019 (in India, US)
  • Running Time: 181 minutes
  • Budget: $356 million
  • Box-office Collection: $2.798 billion

Avengers Endgame Story

Inspired by the comics of Marvel, Avengers Endgame movie was initially planned to be released by the name Avenger Infinity War Part 2 in 2014. But later on, the name was changed to Avengers Endgame. Facing a massive defeat in Avengers Infinity War and having havoc in the world. Avengers team lose some members and some loved ones. But then, in the Endgame, they form an alliance again with whatever is left of their team and fight Thanos.

23 Days after the tragic end of Infinity War and Thanos using the Infinity Stone(anant madi). Iron Man is rescued from the deep space by Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. When they unite with other members of the Avengers team on Earth. They locate Thanos on an isolated planet where he is resting after destroying all the stones. Thor decapitates him in anger.

After 5 years, Scott Lang, Ant-Man, escapes the quantum realm and returns to the Avengers Team. He then tells the team about the quantum realm and inspires them to fight and change the past. With some motivation and seeing the hope, Iron-man designs the machine to go in the past. Then they return but Thanos uses Nebula’s memory to know about the Avengers Team plan.

Thanos plays the trick and lets the team take over all the infinity stones. Once they have all the stones, he then tries to kill them. Then the Avengers team together with all Marvel characters are able to fight Thanos. Iron-man is able to extract the stones from Thanos’s hand. He is able to reverse ‘THE SNAP’. Watch the Avengers Endgame in Hindi to learn about the story in all details. And enjoy the dialogues.


Avengers Endgame Movie has an IMDB rating of 8.4 to date. The Hindi version was released in India and became a massive hit. The Avengers Endgame box-office collection was $2.798 billion which proves how awesome the movie is.

Avengers Endgame Movie Online Watch

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