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20 amazing Tiny Tales | Microtales related to Life | Love | Wisdom

by Suman Gupta

Do you love reading stories? But what lacks is time right. You want to read books but afraid to spare time. What if you find some amazing tiny tales which is short but not in depth and idea. Easy to read and best to explore. Therefore, here we present you 20 amazing tiny tales related to life, love and wisdom.

20 amazing Tiny Tales | Microtales related to Life | Love | Wisdom

  1. 20-25 :  A time when we play with emotions and gain lots of experiences.
  2. Why are you lost in words so much?
    Because I lost myself in the so-called world.
    She replied with a healing smile.
  3. Social Media:  A Place where pictures smile not people.
    Where you find people connected to the world,
    but dissociated with their own world.
  4. Why do you pamper her like a father, you are not the one.
    Asked a friend. Because she has lost the one,
    he replied with a proud smile.
  5. A wild thundering was happening inside, And then he came with a soothing rain.
  6. What is love for you?We are together in every thick and thin.

    We don’t judge and there is not even the shadow of the word called ‘Break-up’.

    I called it ‘Family’.

  7. Do you drink or smoke?No, her eyes and lips are just enough to make me drown.
  8. Though I have accomplished the art of staying alone, he came and renewed my lost home.
  9. You still smile after being separated?Where do all your pain goes?

    I turned them into poems, she replied with a calmed smile.

  10. She carried a stony heart, he carried a childish heart.When both met a different story took place.
  11. Every festival is colorless, every worldly thing is abstract, long distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  12. Why you are more into dreams than reality?Because when reality is harsh, dreams give me a positive vision to look.
  13. Between Fresher’s day and Farewell day several love stories lost its existence.
  14. They : What is that one thing you love about yourself?She: For time, love and attention, I don’t rely on anyone.
  15. We laughed together,We lived together,

    The love was boundless,

    and then responsibilities separated us.

  16. The waiting, the patience, the compromises all paid off because they chose love over anything.
  17. From saving money to meet each other, to saving money to travel the world together, two long distance love proved their love.
  18. Do you still love her? Asked his friendI don’t know but I utter her name a hundred times a day.


    I could not find any better name for my daughter from hers. He replied with a blissful smile.

  19. Hundreds of congratulation and complementary messages pop in my mobile today.And I replied to the one who asked, “are you happy”?
  20. “Let us go for a romantic date”, he said softly.She smiled and blushed.

    The same evening they went to a restaurant along with their two kids to celebrate their Twentieth love anniversary.

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